Trying Out the Sidebar Nav Lifestyle

May 27, 2024

Today, instead of writing something for real, I decided to play around with my site navigation. You should now see a sidebar on larger displays, and a modified horizontal nav layout on smaller screens. I’m really not happy with it yet, but I need to move on!

The nav for this site design has always bugged me a bit. I tried tweaking it a few times, but I was never happy with the change. It was always “good enough”, so I didn’t spend much time on it. Then, over the holidays, I added a projects section. This really broke the mobile nav. I tweaked it enough that I didn’t completely hate it and then moved on.

Ultimately, I’d like to add even more sections. I love the idea of slash pages, and would like to add some more here. I think this current nav will get me there, and I’ll just keep poking at the design.

Update: Or maybe not.