Little Kitty, Big City

May 09, 2024

Little Kitty, Big City is a game I’ve been following for what feels like forever now. It’s out today, and is also available on Game Pass! I played a couple hours of it so far on Xbox Series X, and I really adore this game.

The gameplay is mostly about exploration with some problem solving and item-gating. Something I wasn’t clear on before playing was how much written dialogue there would be. You run into some interesting critters right away, and what they have to say is charming and usually pretty funny. I also love the art style. I get a bit of a Katamari Damacy vibe, maybe because it feels like I’m in a corner of a pleasant Japanese town, but also because there’s a chill lo-fi vibe to the environment.

There are a few really good trailers for the game, but this latest one is my favourite. You can find the game on PC, Switch, and Xbox platforms.