A NASA RPG Adventure?

March 06, 2024

Looks like NASA is in the TTRPG space now? The agency now has a free adventure available for download on their site. As someone who loves gaming and all things space, this feels targeted directly at me.

Titled “The Lost Universe”, the 44–page PDF is a system-agnostic adventure for 4–7 players of levels 7–10. It’s focused around the Hubble Space Telescope, and starts on an alternate timeline Earth where the telescope no longer exists. Each of the players takes the role of someone who took part in the Hubble program and still has memories of it. The introduction has players being transported to a rogue planet where magic is possible thanks to the power of zero-point energy. Now they need to find a way to right the timeline and get home.

The whole thing is very well produced! There are great notes for game masters on how to play NPCs and the PDF itself is well annotated and provides internal links. Even if you’re not interested in TTRPGs, this is a fun little story to read through.