Learning About Noodler's Inks

January 04, 2024

Over the holidays, I was gifted a collection of Noodler’s inks. I first learned about Noodler’s inks from JetPens when I ordered a bottle of La Reine Mauve last year. I was extremely happy with this ink. It was a nice dark shade of purple and completely waterproof. I value water/light fastness in my writing, but most fountain pen inks are very easily washed away. This previously made me hesitant to use fountain pens when journaling.

After getting home from visiting with family, I was excited to try the new inks. Sadly, it turned out only half were waterproof. I had assumed that all Noodler’s inks were. Oops! This is fine, as the inks are still very pretty and quite useful — I just felt a bit foolish for not knowing this.

When trying to understand what went wrong, I came across a great resource on the JetPens site which breaks down the properties of all Noodler’s inks. I then used this to reference the list of inks available at my amazing local bookstore, Bookmark. It turned out that they had a number of waterproof inks 1, which is great to know for later.

However, as I was browsing the Bookmark site I came across something else that caught my eye. A TWSBI ECO Glow Green Fountain Pen. I’m a sucker for glow-in-the-dark stuff, so I made a trip down to pick this up. More inks are a great excuse for more pens to put them in, right?

The upshot here: I’m glad to know more about Noodler’s lineup of inks, and I’m excited to have a new glowy pen to put some of them in!

  1. “Bulletproof” in Noodler’s nomenclature.