July 11, 2011

So there’s this Cal Henderson guy. I first heard of him when I was trying to decide if I should focus on Rails or Django. His talk at DjangoCon 2008 made me laugh my ass off. Many of the problems mentioned in this talk have been addressed, but it’s still worth watching if you like to chuckle.

Anyway, the next time I saw this guy was when he was talking about the building of Glitch. His talk was interesting, but I didn’t care as much about the game as I did about the technology. The game wasn’t coming out for a while and its concept was airy. I didn’t quite get it.

Fast forward a little bit and I see this come up in my RSS feed. Holy fuck. So Keita Takahashi is going to be working on this? Check out that trailer video! I’m now pretty excited about where this thing is going.

There’s a beta signup available on the Glitch website, which also states that the game is being released this year. I’m fairly stoked to give it a shot.